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Interview questions Javascript and Node.js

This is a series about Javascript and Node.js. Reference from many sources and websites.


  1. Difference between let vs var vs const
  2. Scope in javascript
  3. What is hoisting in javascript?
  4. What is closure in javascript?
  5. What is HOF - higher-order function in javascript?
  6. What is Currying function in javascript
  7. What is Method Chaining in javascript?
  8. What is wrapper object?
  9. What is an error - first callback?
  10. classical inheritance vs prototypical inheritance in javascript?
  11. Promise and Async/Await


  1. What is Event loop in Node.js work?
  2. How does nodejs handles child thread?
  3. Difference between setImmediate() vs setTimeout()
  4. What is process.nextTick()
  5. What is Streams in Node.js? Types of streams
  6. What is EventEmitter in Node.js?
  7. What are the pros and cons of Node.js?
  8. What is Callback in node.js?